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Storing Beachgrass
We recommend that you plant your bareroot Beachgrass soon after you receive your order.

If you need to store your plants for a few days or even slightly longer, we have a few tips for you.

1. First, find a level sandy area (not an oil soaked parking lot) close to
    a water supply. A shady area will help to keep the plants cool and
    moist until they get planted.

2. Second, place your bareroot Beachgrass bundles upright (roots
    down, tops up) in rows tightly knit together.

3. Then lastly and also most importantly; place sand, mulch or soil
    against the perimeter of the group of rows, high enough to cover
    the root system of the plants. Water every day or every other day
    depending on the temperature, and rainfall.

Our pictures to the right show properly stored Beachgrass.

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