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Beachgrass Plugs
We also grow Beachgrass in plug trays to extend the season of bareroot Beachgrass.

Our Beachgrass plugs have an extensive root system already in place because they have been growing for a season in a plug tray. This gives Beachgrass plugs a bit of a head start in establishing themselves in the sand dune as well as allowing planting to be done later in the season.

Beachgrass plugs can be planted any time of the year, however if you are attempting to plant in the summer or during the hot springtime, we recommend that any automatic irrigation system be put in place.
Beachgrass plugs can be planted directly into the sand and no other soils need to be placed into the hole.

Place one plug into a hole and plant the root ball into the sand a few inches to keep the plant upright and to get the roots down into a more moist area of sand.

Space the plugs 12” apart in rows that are also 12”apart. This will give the dune a quick cover. Spacing the plugs 18” apart will simply take a bit longer to fully cover the dune. Sometimes plugs are planted farther apart with the intention of coming back later and filling in between them with bareroot Beachgrass.

Fertilizing your newly planted plugs is also important. See our fertilizing recommendations on our Planting Beachgrass page.

We ship our Beachgrass Plugs via UPS or on our own specially designed trucks with multiple level carts and liftgates.